Investing For Your Success

Courtney Self
Broker, Investor, Author & Occasional Speaker

“It’s tangible, it’s solid, it’s beautiful…I just love real estate”, Donald Trump.

Buying investment property is a fabulous opportunity for real estate agents; it can provide you with a steady cash flow increase your overall wealth and provide excellent tax benefits to offset your real estate commissions. Plus it’s a great retirement plan, usually your property will continue to increase in value, rents will rise and all while you’re pay down the mortgages.

I admit that I am biased towards real estate, but with good reason: it has been an amazing wealth generator for my husband and me plus it’s given us lots of freedom. For me the financial freedom is the biggest benefit to real estate investment. While most real estate professionals will tell you that they enjoy their job, the majority will also tell you that they don’t want to sell homes or do loans for the rest of their lives, myself included. One of the key ways to ensure that your future as an agent is bright and comfortable is to appropriately invest in income properties as you are in the midst of your career. Which is why I’m always surprised to learn how few real estate agents, lenders, title and escrow people actually invest. As real estate professionals we are positioned perfectly to create huge amounts of wealth for ourselves and our clients.

Think about it…often the largest time commitment to investing is doing the research necessary to understand real estate and rental markets. If you’re already working day to day in the real estate business, what better opportunity could you have? In addition, working in real estate often gives you the opportunity to learn about properties before they hit the market – so why not take advantage of that?

I already mentioned investment properties are a great way to plan for your retirement but they can also help you to make it through rough times in your career or even better allow you to take some time off. The real estate market is constantly in flux. Sometime it is a buyer’s market, sometimes a seller’s and still other times it is just plain slow. By having some residual income from investments, you will be able to wade through the slow times and still have steady earnings. In my case I take time off during the summer and over the holidays when it’s typically slow but I don’t worry about my commission income because I have rental income to cover my mortgages and other living expenses.

My goal in real estate investing is to purchase enough rental properties to eventually replace my current real estate income. This will ensure that my retirement years are as comfortable as possible. What are your plans?

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